2019, 6’30’’, animation debut

A man is on a mysterious journey through a vein of his beloved one and while he witnesses her inner world, he experiences his deepest dreams and longings. The film is based on the poem A Shallow Vein by Marin Bodakov. Part of the animated poetry films project Mark & Verse, Vol. 2.


YOANA ALEXANDROVA (b. 1987) received her BFA at NBU (2010) and MA at the University of Edinburgh (2013). She works as a freelance illustrator, animator and director and makes unique porcelain jewellery launching her own brand Porcelain Creatures.


Festivals & Awards:

In the Palace ISFF 2019, Balchik; CinEast 2019, Luxembourg; CineLibri 2019, Sofia

Script: Yoana Alexandrova, based on a poem by Marin Bodakov

Director: Yoana Alexandrova

Animation: Yoana Alexandrova

Music: Alexander Daniel

V.O.: Alexander Mitrev

Production: Compote Collective Ltd – Vessela Dantcheva

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center

Contact: vessela@compote-collective.com, www.compote-collective.com