2019, 4’45’’, animation debut

An ironic journey, based on the poem Above Things by Stefan Ikoga, through the life re-caps of a man, devoured by his own melancholy and apathy, designing everything in the foreseeable and unimaginable future, while inaction is turning his life into disappointment, emotional crash and premature ending.

Part of the animated poetry films project Mark & Verse, Vol. 2


INA NIKOLOVA received her BA in Animation from NBU, Sofia (2012) and MA in Animation from the University of Salford, Manchester (2015). She works on various animation and illustration projects and productions of Compote Collective. In 2013 she won Best Pitch Award for her animated film Run, Interfilm SFF, Berlin.


Festivals & Awards:

Tatratea Special Award, CineLibri 2019, Sofia; In The Palace ISFF 2019, Balchik; CinEast FFF 2019, Luxembourg

Script: Ina Nikolova, based on a poem by Stefan Ikoga

Director: Ina Nikolova

Animation: Asparuh Petrov

Production designer: Ina Nikolova

Music: Ivailo Stefanov

V.O.: Ivan Moskov

Production: Compote Collective Ltd – Vessela Dantcheva

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center, under Mark & Verse project

Contact: vessela@compote-collective.com, www.compote-collective.com