2019, 10’, animation

A poetic allegory of human life with its inevitable hopes, pursuits, disappointments, intentions, disasters and expectations as predestined by the dispassionate course of our lifetime.


IVAN TSONOV has a BA in Animation from NATFA, Sofia. Worked at Animated Film Studio, Sofia and Richard Williams Studio, London. He has made over 12 animated films. President of Animation Section, Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers (2007–2013); member of ASIFA Bulgaria & UK.


Festivals & Awards:

Geometry of the Smile, IAF Salisbury 2019, UK; WFAF 2019, Varna, Bulgaria; IAFF Balkanima 2019, Belgrade, Serbia

Script: Diliana Nikolova, Andrey Slabakov

Director: Ivan Tsonov

Cinematography: Ivan Tsonov

Animation: Ivan Tsonov, Nikolay Dimitrov, Emil Baruhov, Diliana Nikolova

Music: Plamen Tsvetanov

Production: A.S. Film – Andrey Slabakov

Supported by Bulgarian National Film Center